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$17000 raised!

Yay! Mazal tov!


A tremendous thanks to our Campaign Founders and all 59 who donated!

Now, back to work! ;)




A Family caring for Jewish life at JMU

Dear Parents, Alumni & Friends,

2017 is fast approaching and we at JMjews Chabad are gearing up for the upcoming spring semester.

Join our end of year campaign as we look forward to hosting more weekly Shabbat Dinners, Holidays and social events, Lunch ‘n Learns and most importantly,  being here and available 24/7 for all Jewish students at JMU. We do not charge so that what we offer can be accesible to all. From Rosh Hashana dinner to chicken soup delivery, we are a home and we are here.

We are financially independent and responsible for raising our entire budget of $126k. Yes, the entire thing. Every program, every expense even rent and salary, absolutely everything!


Our minimum goal for this end of the year campaign is of $16k by Dec 30. However, thanks to our generous Campaign Founders every contribution will be doubled! Your generous donation will enable us to continue opening our doors to hundreds of Jewish JMU students in the coming year. Every penny is put to work directly for Jewish life at JMU.

Partner with us today by going to

Wishing you a Happy Chanukah!

Rabbi Mordy & Nomi Leimdorfer

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