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Because you'll own it! How? We'll be sharing insights, stories, jokes and games that will bring the Seder and the Haggadah to life! No kidding!



Night #1: Friday, Mat 30th at 7pm

On campus. Madison Union Ballroom (Warren Hall 5th floor)

Night #2: Saturday, Mar 31st at 9pm

1275 Hillcrest Drive, Harrisonburg VA 22801 (Corner of Port and Hillcrest). 5 mins walk from main campus.


NO CHARGE! Why? Because we want everyone to feel equally welcomed to our events.

HOWEVER, since Chabad centers are financially independent, we are responsible for raising our own funds. So, if you'd like to contribute please click here.

DID YOU KNOW? You can now eat Kosher for Passover at JMU

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Registration required

Matzah at no charge?

please email us at

Promo Vid Passover 2015

Passover - Promo Video

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