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We know it's impossible to replace your love and warmth, however, in our efforts to provide a home away from home for your child we have set up Holiday and care packages to be given to the JMU Jewish students. You can ensure your child receives one by signing up below.
Signing up will also enable you to stay in the loop and receive our weekly emails and semestral newsletters so you can stay updated with everything happening with Jewish life at JMU.
We are here for your child. If there is anything that you might need, please give us a call/email/text so we can be of help to you!

Every year we give a limited amount of Care Packages to help the JMU Jewish students feel welcome and loved away from home.

(Eg: Welcome Packages, High-Holiday Honey Cakes, Chanukah Kits & Donuts, Finals week Care Packages and more!)


Is your child under the weather or simply in need of some extra warmth?

Just contact us via text, email or phone and we will gladly deliver them a hot, home made  bowl of chicken soup. Just like Bubbie's!  


Receive our weekly emails and semestral newsletters and stay up-to-date with everything that is going on in Jewish life at JMU. You will also be given the opportunity to sign your child up to receive the different Holiday and Care Packages of each season.



We want everyone to feel equally welcome to enjoy & benefit from what we do and offer, therefore we don't charge. However, we fully rely on contributions to operate. If you'd like to support our work for Jewish life at JMU please click here .


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