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Chai Club
This is your time!
"Chai" is commonly refered to as any multiple of 18. Also, "Chai" means "life". So what? Read the following
Every Chabad center (including us!) is responsible for raising their own budget, and no funds are sent to Chabad Headquaters.
How do we support ourselves? Our main source of financial support is our Alumni. Yes you! :)
Thinking you are not that guy that can give thousands of dollars (at least not yet)? Don't let that prevent you from taking part in this awesomeness! You'll be surprise to learn how many (and I mean "how many!") Chabad houses run on many smaller contributions. Any amount helps!
Ok, fine! I'm in, What do I do? Fantastic! There are many ways to give, however, in our efforts to make it easier and smoother for you, we created the Chai Club. And so, you can choose from any of the options below and become a Chai Club Partner. Chai means life! (Our donation forms are secured and encrypted.) 
This is your time to make an impact. Partner with us!
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