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Feb 16 at 5pm



Madison Union Ballroom

(Warren Hall 5th floor)

When Yuri Foreman was seven years old, his mother sent him to boxing class after he was bullied by other boys in his native Belarus, formerly a part of the Soviet Union. It was the start of a hard-fought battle to achieve the American Dream, which culminated in winning the World Boxing Association Super Welterweight title in 2009. He would go on to defend his belt at Yankee Stadium the following year as hundreds of thousands watched at ringside and on HBO. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the 10-year-oldYuri emigrated to Israel with his family, where he helped his parents clean office buildings and work on construction sites in Haifa. After winning three national championships in Israel, Yuri moved to New York City. There the 18-year-old survived by working in Manhattan’s garment district while training at the legendary Gleason’s Gym, where Mohammed Ali, “Raging Bull” Jake LaMotta and other champs got their start. Yuri continues to compete in matches around the world, but he has added a rabbinical degree and nutrition guru to his resume. Today, Foreman studies under leading Kabbalah scholar Rabbi DovBer Pinson and is a sought-after inspirational speaker. He has appeared on national TV, including The Jimmy Kimmel Show, NBC News, and ESPN, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Atlantic and on CNN. 


NO CHARGE! Registration required

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